7 Digital marketing trends that will rule in 2020

2019 was an exciting year when it comes to social media marketing and digital marketing. Videos and augmented reality are new social media stars and there are some impeccable new trends that we have witnessed in the last year such as increasing numbers of voice searches, chatbots, video marketing, for example, Instagram and Facebook stories, and many more. The question that comes to our minds is this: what will be the next? What 2020 has to show to you? Well, there are too many trends that will surely rule in 2020 in the digital marketing landscape. Some of them are discussed in this blog. 

1. Shoppable posts (social commerce) 

If you want your customers to buy your products and services directly from your social media posts or ads, it is possible now with shoppable posts. It is also called social commerce and this trend will surely going to rule in 2020. There are much comfort and convenience attached to this trend as customers don’t need to leave the site or redirect to the website as you can directly shop from the social media page. As per the report, 54% of social media users visit social media pages to research the products and if they have found something to buy from there, why should they visit the home website? How about selling products directly from the social media page? It is more direct, quick and comforting for customers. 

2. Micro Influencers 

If you are a digital marketing enthusiast, you must have heard about influencers. Yes, influencer marketing has been in trends for many years and it is one of the most important and profitable tools for digital marketing. However, with time, digital marketing experts have understood the cost and other crucial parameters associated with hiring an influencer for brand promotion and marketing. Big influencers nowadays get so many promotional offers and you need to spend a lot of money to hire them. 

What’s the solution for that? 

The answer is medium and small influencers which are termed as micro Influencers who have the follower reach and who are not overloaded with sponsorship offers. They are influential in their own groups and can make a noticeable impact on your sales and revenues if sponsored. In addition to the cost friendly affair, micro Influencers have a better engagement rate than those popular and costly Influencers. As they have less followers, they can spend more time with them to showcase your products and services. 

3. Sentimental analysis 

One of the most crucial things to know as a brand is what your target audience and prospects think about your products and services. Well, it was very difficult in initial days of marketing, with the discovery of machine learning and natural language processing technology, you can exactly know and understand what your audience think about your products and services. 

Sentimental analysis is a phenomenon that is all about analyzing the reactions of what your target audience think about your products and services. When a user posts something about your product or service on social media or other platforms, it is not just a black and white response every time. Sometimes, there is a gray area where you need to analyze the voice behind a review or a reaction. For example, your customer might like your product as a whole except one simple feature. Also, they might like the product, but the output of the product is not what they are expecting. 

With an accurate and careful sentimental analysis, you can know about these reactions in details and you can make a move in that particular direction. There are many data collection tools and algorithms are used for sentimental analysis to collect data from online mediums and analyze them. 

4. Programmatic advertising 

The literal meaning of programmatic advertising is that you don’t need a human intervention for ad placement, media buying, performance tracking and customer targeting. All these tasks would be done by the software and that too with ease, accuracy and excellence. With artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies at our disposal, programmatic advertising has witnessed a huge spike in recent years as advertisers understand the importance and value of such automatic advertising campaigns which bring excellent results. In addition to that, when you have allocated these tasks to the machines, you can spend your time in more meaningful tasks. 

5. Stories will continue to shine in 2020 

Facebook stories, Instagram stories and Snapchat stories are fun, casual and yet highly professional. We have seen a huge growth of these stories used by brands and businesses and it is going to remain the same in 2020 also. Users simply love to check out stories and their funny designs and styles give them genuine feel and an urge to click. We can see more apps and businesses come up with this story feature in 2020. 

6. Content for human- not for machine 

Content is the king clich√© is eternal for generations to come and you will not be able to get rid of it. No matter how optimized your content is, if it is not designed for your target audience and if not unique and engaging, you are not going anywhere. Coming up with good and interactive content ideas and implementing them is a huge task and you need to walk around it to get better ranks and to improve your brand authority? 

7. Live video is there to stay 

Facebook live, YouTube live and Instagram live are fun, engaging and superlative when it comes to interaction with users and followers. Live videos will certainly going to rise in 2020 and reports too predict the same. If you are not using this technology for your brand promotion, allocate a space for it as it is surely going to take a charge in the upcoming year. Apart from getting more engagements, live videos also gives an unique opportunity for brands to showcase their products and services to their followers on social media. 

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