Best furniture trends to watch out in 2020

Can you imagine a home without furniture? In fact, furniture converts a mere house into a home with a heart and this is not an overstatement. Furniture plays a pivotal role in making a home beautiful and magnificent. There are many furniture items that you can work with to make a home stunning and visually striking. If you have an artistic taste for the interior designing, you can decorate your home by yourself or you can hire an interior designer to beautify your home. 

There are different furniture trends that rule every year and in this post, we will discuss some of the furniture trends that are going to rule in 2020. Stay tuned! 

Natural furniture materials are in demand 

Homeowners nowadays are emphasizing to choose rustic and natural furniture materials and styles to make the home more attractive and unmatched. Even modern interior designers too working on this phenomenon as it gives a natural environment feel to the ambiance. Woods, bamboos, rattan and recycled materials are used in furniture items to give a rustic feel to the home. It gives a stunning view to the living room and kitchen. From dining tables to chairs to cabinets, woods and other natural items are used by the manufacturers and we will this trend to continue in 2020. 

Menswear inspired furniture 

This new trend we have witnessed in 2019 also and people across the world are liking it. Here, leather upholstery, dark wood, denim and textured fabrics are used in furniture items to make it more breathing and visually treat. You can try such combinations in the living room, or dining room and kitchen to give a refreshing and visually striking feel. The classic neutral palette with different texture and subtle patterns will rule in 2020. 

Cane and Rattan furniture

Once these traditional materials were outdated and were reserved for your grandmother’s room, but have become a mainstream attraction nowadays thanks to its subtle and rustic feel and visually appealing style and decor. Cane, Rattan and wicker have seen in many home furniture styles and even famous interior designers are using it to give a magnificent and stylish look to the homes. Designers expect to create more such styles and decorations to come in 2020. Whether you believe it or not, cane furniture is going to rule now. 

Made to order pieces 

Gone are the days when readymade furniture items direct from the furniture showrooms and factories are picked up and arranged in your home. The phenomenon is changing and for good reasons. The next thing is made to order furniture items and pieces that are tailor-made by the manufacturers by order and look classic and stylish. Such orders are made by the homeowners after evaluating the home and its furniture needs. There are also many furniture manufacturers and boutiques coming up with this new style and trend to offer made to order pieces. People are looking for unique, classy and at the same time, quality furniture items to decorate their homes. 

Vintage Galore 

Do you want to fascinate your home visitors with the first look itself? The only way to do it is to go vintage. Vintage look is the oldest furniture trend that is still going strong and intact even after years. A vintage home looks beautiful, magnificent and unparalleled. The ambiance itself looks stylish and classic and royal. Here, designers use some vintage antique pieces and vintage interior to decorate the home. No matter what people say about millennials don’t want their parents furniture to be used in their homes, the vintage look never disappoints anyone. 

Blue is the warmest color 

Blue never fails and this is true when it comes to home furniture. More and more people are asking for the classic blue for almost everything. As they say, the French Blue is the new millennial pink, it is true. New and young homeowners are asking for blue shades in almost all furniture items in the living rooms and bedrooms. Blue is what bleeds in the hearts of the millennials. 

Men love curves and females too.

Just look around and you will find everything curvy and it is true when it comes to furniture too. From sofas to chairs to cabinets to tables to beds, people nowadays love curvy furniture items that look delicate and classic and subtle. Rectilinear styles with elegance and sophistication and asymmetrical pieces are trending in the market. This trend is going to rule in 2020 also. Expect more stylish, rectangular sofas and armchairs to dominate the market. 

Outdoor furniture 

Homeowners nowadays give more importance to outdoor patios and veranda and decorate them with furniture items and pieces. There are more options available in the market for outdoor patios and balconies and that is a good sign actually. From sofas to wall paintings to chairs and couches, you can expect more and more furniture manufacturers coming up with outdoor furniture items. 

Upholstered beds and headboards

2019 has seen this trend which will continue in 2020 also. Upholstered beds and headboards give more convenience and comfort compared to other types of beds and these beds are available in different styles and fabrics such as velvet, classic linen and leather. 

Jungle styled furniture 

Wildlife has entered in your homes and it will stay there for 2020 too. You will see a wide range of wildlife or jungle patterned furniture items such as couches, chairs, cabinets and ottomans in 2020. It adds intrigue and charm to your home and gives more natural and organic look. 

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