Top 10 video editing software to look out in 2020

One of the most crucial things in your content marketing strategy is videos. Well, you believe it or not, users prefer videos than text. In recent times, even SEO enthusiasts and content marketers are gradually understanding the importance of videos and have started posting YouTube videos and sharing them on different social media platforms. As per the recent survey, one third of online activity is spent browsing and watching different types of videos and if you are serious about increasing your brand’s online traffic, you need to ensure that your content marketing strategy has videos. 

Once you have decided to go with the videos for your content marketing strategy, the next thing is to hire an editor who can edit the videos to make them appropriate and visually engaging and appealing. 

If you don’t have a budget to hire a specialist for video editing, this blog helps you to get to know about video editing with some best video editing software. With these software, you can easily edit your videos without any prior experience or expertise and keep your content marketing strategy ahead of the curve. 

1. Apple iMovie 

As the name somewhat suggests, this software does not apply for professionals who work on the PC. However, if you are working on your smartphone or iPad, Apple iMovie is something to look out for. It has some unparalleled video editing features such as ten high-fidelity filters that offer superior and impeccable results. If you have shot the video on your iPhone or working on your iPad, you can easily and smoothly transfer your project to Mac with AirDrop. 

One of the best things or we can say, features of Apple iMovie is “Chroma Key” tool that allows you to place your characters at anywhere in the world such as New York, New Zealand or India. Also, you can directly add tracks and sounds from iTunes and GarageBand. 

It is definitely one of the most preferred video editing software especially among users who use Apple iPhone and iPad. 

2. Lumen5 

If you have to define Lumen5 correctly and precisely, you can say it- a video editing tool- rather than a video editing software. However, it is a perfect tool if you want to make those funny, sharp and humorous videos for social media platforms. In addition to that, you don’t need any technical mastery to create videos. It is simple and easy to make videos with Lumen5. You can easily create videos by copy pasting some GIFs, screen grabs or video clips. You can also add some music to make a video more appealing and enchanting. The best feature of the Lumen5 is its drag and drop interface and blog to social promo creation. You can use it for free if you want to make videos of 480p, but if you want to make videos of 1080p HD, you can buy a paid version worth $50 per month. 

3. Nero Video 

Nero Video is one of the best priced video editing software that has some excellent features and tricks for video editing. For just $50 onetime fee, you can get a best value proposition. In addition to that, it does not require any special technical ability to learn the software. One drawback of this software is that it lacks the speed and functionality of some of the video editing software. However, for simple video editing tasks, Nero Video can work finely and efficiently. 

4. Corel VideoStudio 

Here comes a video editing software that has everything that an ideal software should have. With superior 360 degree VR and 4k support, it captures the essence of the video and the most striking feature of Corel VideoStudio is its motion tracking facility which allows you to track specific objects throughout the cut. For example, if you want to put an arrow on a specific character throughout the video, this software does that. It has the most advanced and beat motion tracking system. 

You have to pay $51.99 once to use this software for lifetime. Not a bad deal. 

5. Filmora 

One of the most used video editing software across the globe, Filmora from Wondershare, is a free video editing software that offers standard, high-quality and reliable video editing with best and engaging design and interface. Some of the notable features are filters, overlays, motion elements and some royalty free music. It also supports gif, 4k editing and colour tuning too. You can get a lifetime licence for just $59.99. 

6. CyberLink PowerDirector 

If you are beginner who does not have a clue about how to use a video editing software, CyberLink PowerDirector is for you. A powerful yet easy and intuitive interface with detailed tutorials will ensure that you learn video editing from scratch in just no time. One of the most talked about features of CyberLink PowerDirector is its speed. It is one of the first software to support 360 degree VR footage. You can get it for one fee of $79.99. 

7. Adobe Premiere Elements 

Adobe Premiere Elements is here in the list as it has been a best video editing software for some time. However, there are far better video editing software available in the market offering some best features and also better speed and functionality. However, if you are a beginner and want to learn basic video editing skills, you can rely on Adobe Premiere Elements. The software assists the beginners to learn advanced functionalities and quick edits and also The Guided Edits is a powerful feature that makes the software unique and special. You can pay $79.99 one time to avail this software. 

8. Pinnacle Studio 

Pinnacle Studio is one of the most preferred video editing software among professionals and it is a bit costly than other software. It is available at $129.95 in the market for the Ultimate version. However, it is worth the money simply for its speed and rendering ability. It supports almost all the features and yet it is user-friendly and intuitive. 

9. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editing software with a virtually unparalleled suite of features including 360 VR and 4k support. However, its ability to store, organize and share assets online with a team makes it a best and most preferred video editing software in the market. 

Another important feature of Adobe Premiere Pro is Lumetri Color tool that facilitates color adjustment and manipulation. You can also use multicam feature. It is a no brainer software with excellent yet easy to use interface and features. The price is $19.99 per month. 

10. Apple Final Cut Pro X

If you are looking for a professional video editing quality and who want to learn video editing professionally, you can go for this Apple Final Cut Pro X. The cost of this software is $299.99, but it completely worth the money. If you have worked with iMovie before, you can easily learn and start editing videos on Final Cut Pro. 

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