Top 8 fitness gadgets to buy in 2020

Gone are the days where you would go for those old workouts on the streets with no equipment and gadgets. The fitness has been redefined after the evolution of various technologies and trends and you need to accept the same. Whether you are a beginner in the fitness industry or you want to be an athlete, you need to have some exceptional fitness gadgets that can make things easy for you to track your activities or simply enjoy your training. 

These advanced fitness gadgets are brilliant to track down your fitness activities and performance. It depicts your strong and weak areas so that you can amend your fitness plan accordingly to achieve the maximum benefits. These fitness gadgets allow you to know different data to keep your fitness goals optima such as calorie intake, heart rate, blood pressure, steps, hydration and some more. These smart health and fitness gadgets will not just help you to achieve your health and fitness goals, but also help you to achieve your desired results. We hope that this list of fitness gadgets will help you to achieve your fitness goals and at the same time, serve the core purpose. 

1. Ozmo Active Smart Cup Hydration Tracker 

One of the most common mistakes that fitness enthusiasts do is ignoring hydration. They keep pushing themselves to the point that they are completely dehydrated and invite health conditions such as low blood sugar or low blood pressure and in some extreme conditions, fainting too. This Ozmo Active Smart Cup smartly checks tour hydration levels and has an advanced vibration alert system that alarms you when you are on the edge of dehydration. You can sync it with your Fitbit or Apple Health too. It is available for just $60. A highly recommended gadget for fitness guys. 

2. Tangram Smart Rope 

If you use those simple jumping rope for your cardio workout, it is the time to replace it with Tangram Smart Rope that has the advanced technology to feed you relevant data of your workout. When you skip the rope, the stats will be displayed in mid-air in LED lights. This advanced piece of fitness gadgets can store 100 sets of data for you. A highly effective and reliable data saver for you available in just $60 is must for you. 

3. Fitbit Blaze 

If you are a fitness freak, you simply don’t need an introduction for Fitbit products. To achieve your fitness goals, it is very crucial to track your progress and Fitbit Blaze can do it for you. This advanced technology gadget has some of the best features to track your fitness activities and can comfortably fit in your wrist. Some of the features of this gadget are distance tracking, floors climbing tracking, calories burned, total active minutes tracking, heart rate monitor and some more. It has a powerful battery life for approximately five days and has call and text alerts too. 

4. Qardio Arm 

Having a blood pressure machine at your home is not something that all want, but if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, this device can help you to track your blood pressure monitoring. This is clinically validated fitness gadgets that are easy to use and portable in size. Apart from blood pressure measurement, it also detects irregular heartbeats too.

5. Theragun G3 

When you hit the gym again after a vacation or a professional break, you are surely going to injure yourself while using a treadmill. Well, with this advanced Theragun G3, you don’t have to worry about injuries as this gadget will massage the sore muscles and joints and give you instant relief from pain. All you need to do is to aim it to the muscle and that is all. Athletes across the globe are using it as it is one of the most advanced and the best gadget to get instant relief from injuries. Don’t miss it. You can buy it at just $399. 

6. Under Armour HOVR Phantom 

Who does not like running or jogging? Most of the fitness experts give it the first preference to maintain good cardio health. However, if you want to track down your running statistics, this smart Under Armour HOVR Phantom is a perfect fit for you. It has sensors placed in the shoe that will track your cadence, distance, steps, pace and stride and that too with utmost accuracy. This data, then you can sync with different training app such as MapMyRun. Not just that, this special smart shoes also are the best running shoes available in the market with excellent comfort and flexibility. 

7. Skulpt Performance Training System 

Skulpt Performance Training System is a gem if you want to measure your overall fat percentage. It gives accurate data to you and also you can decide to focus on which muscle groups to gain the best performance. This gadget can identify the strength of all your 24 muscle groups and it helps you to identify the weak groups and personalize your training programs accordingly. 

8. iFit Sleep HR 

One of the most important health aspects is your sleep. In fact, your sleep quality can reveal so much about your health. This iFit Sleep HR tracks your sleeping heart rate, respiratory rate and sleeping patterns that, combined, measure your overall sleep quality. It is the best sleeping activity tracker gadget available now at just $119.


Having these fitness gadgets with you is a smart choice as it will help you to track different aspects of your fitness and health and at the same time, reveal important data that can be used to edit and personalize your fitness plan and goals. In some circumstances, these gadgets can help you to reach out for medical help too. Be a real fitness freak with these smart, advanced and highly reliable and durable fitness gadgets and give a new dimension to your fitness goals.  

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