10 reasons why you should visit Rome at least once in a life

Traveling is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences which freshens you up. Even medical practitioners ask people to take a break once in a while and go for a vacation to just charge themselves with memories and new experiences. There are some impeccable advantages of traveling. It gives you an opportunity to spend some time with your loved ones and make your relationships strong and intact. At every six month, you should just find a place and go for a vacation to recharge yourself and your relationships. 

However, one of the things that most of the travellers find difficult to decide is the choosing a right destination for the vacation. The world is full of visual treats and it is very difficult to decide which country or state to choose for the next trip. For example, if we talk about the Europe, one of the most visited tourist destinations across the globe, there are many countries such as Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Bern, Madrid and Venice. Already confused? How about Rome? 

Yes, Rome has so much to offer to you in terms of history, culture and heritage. Famous for its historical monuments and oldest buildings and churches, Rome is a beautiful city to watch out for and can be your next travel destination. 

If you want reasons to why to choose Rome as your next travel destination, we have ten reasons. Stay tuned and check out all of them. 

1. Architecture 

Who can forget those Hollywood movies which have depicted Rome as the epicentre of the power thousands years back? Rome has been the capital of the most of the empires and states and has a rich and cultured heritage and history. The architecture of the Rome is visually appealing and eyepleasing and you will surely have a great time of your life. Some of the most pathbreaking sites to watch out in Rome are the Pantheon, the Coliseum, the Spanish steps, St. Peter’s Square, Navona Square, and many more. Even architecture is the best motivation behind the millions of the visitors who visit this city every year. If you have a visual appetite that you need to satisfy, Rome is your destination. 

2. History 

Rome has a historical significance that you cannot deny. There are some great empires rose and destroyed here. A great Roman empire was the start of the western civilization in this side of the world and you can vouch for the historical significance of this beautiful city. While walking down the streets of the Rome, you can actually feel that you are going back to a memory lane of history. There are thousands years old monuments and buildings which ask you to see them with pride and pleasure. There are some unknown stories these monuments and buildings has to tell to you. You can hire a local guide or you can simply buy out a map and start a tour. 

3. Art 

Who can forget Dan Brown’s classic novel “Angels and Demons” which tells the artistic significance of Rome? Every year, millions of the visitors just come here to pay their respects and homage to best artistic works of the experts. There are masterpieces stored here including architecture, paintings, sculptures, and other artistic works. We have read enough about Rome and its artistic value for our life and now is the time to actually visit and experience it. Just go Rome as the best masterpieces of great artists such as Michelangelo, Salvi, Sangallo, Maderno, and Bernini invite you to visit them. 

4. Seat of papacy 

Who can deny the historical and political significance of Vatican City? A most sacred place of the world, the Vatican City is located in Rome and you cannot miss it to visit in your lifetime. Located in Christendom, Vatican City is the smallest state of the Rome and the center of the Roman Catholic Church. It is also a home to various ancient and historical places and cultural sites such as Vatican museums and St. Peter’s basilica. Since the 14th century, this place is the seat of papacy and you cannot miss it at any cost. 

5. The Sistine chapel 

There are some unparalleled sculptures, paintings, frescos and tapestries located in the Vatican City, but one significant and uncontested destination that stands out amongst every other destination is the Sistine chapel. Every year, billions of people visit here just to get a glimpse of this great work of art. Located in the residence of the Pope, Apostolic Palace and is named after the Pope Sixtus IV who restored it in the 15th century. Who can miss this opportunity to visit the important landmark of High Renaissance art? 

6. Roman people 

You might ask what reason this is, but trust me, Romans are great people to hang out with and they are nice, friendly and outright enthusiastic and will make you feel like home. Romans are considered as most generous and thoughtful and hospitable people to describe with. They are polite, helpful and liberal in nature. May be surrounded with beautiful artifacts and architecture made them so humble and gentle. You can have the best time of your life engaging in intellectual conversations with them. 

7. Shopping 

If you love to shopping, Rome is the place you cannot miss in your dream. There are some beautiful shopping streets you can find in Rome where you can shop different items. Even branded products are available here to in a range of items such as clothing, shoes, bags and other items. All you need to do is to roam around in Rome to shop. 

8. Sightseeing 

If you want to have a best sightseeing experience of the life, Rome has much to offer on your plate. You can start exploring the city with a local guide and he will show you different travel destinations in Rome that are worth visiting. You can go by your own if you want to get lost in the city and have fun. 

9. Roman cuisines 

If you want to understand the new culture and customs, first try the local food and it is true with Rome. Though you can get Italian food anywhere in the works, but the true and authentic Italian food you will get in Italy itself. Try different local dishes and delicious cuisines and kill your appetite. 

10. Wine 

Yes, if you are a wine lover, you would love Rome as it is the home of some of the best Italian wines of the world. Just simply get drowned in the different and best wine brands and have fun. Also, the city also hosts different wine tasting ceremonies to participate in. 

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