Things that you must pack in your travel bag

Travelling is like a meditation. If you don’t believe it, just ask any traveller who frequently travels to different destinations and he will tell you how travelling changed the way he leads the life. Just leaving for those unexplored and unseen destinations and adding up memories and experiences in your Pandora box is something unique and special. There are so many lessons travelling can teach you that might help you to become a good and social person.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. Travelling requires planning and you need to backpack things that you will require while travelling to those unknown destinations. In this blog post, we will discuss some of these travelling things that must find a place in your travel bag. If you are going for a big trip in the recent future, this list might help you to pack your bag wisely and avoid unnecessary hassles and hindrances during the trip.


How can you leave your home to travel without carrying your passport? You will not be able to start your international tour if you forgot your passport at home. Ensure that you have a passport in your carry bag before you leave home.

EU Adaptors 

Yes, you will require those adapters while you go for a tour. Ensure that you have high-quality, reliable and branded EU Adaptors before you go for a tour. You can also buy them at the airport or at the destination you are travelling. 

Clothes and undergarments 

The goal is to pack lightweight clothes that cover minimum space in your travel bag. Go for those light t-shirts and pairs of jeans that can be worn without washing them daily. Undergarments are also very important to carry as you don’t know whether you are going to get laundry services there or not. Always carry some extra pairs of undergarments while travelling for places which are located at villages and away from towns such as hill stations and unknown destinations.

Phone chargers 

Yes, you will surely need those chargers when you are travelling. You want to take pictures and want to talk with your family and friends while you are on a trip. What if your phone is dead and without power? Getting a new set of charger might cost you a little bit at a travel destination. Better to carry a charger with you. It is portable and does not occupy more space in the bag.

Waterproof Mac 

You don’t know about the weather of the destination and in such a scenario, having a waterproof Mac is a must. If you are visiting cities which are prone to rain, having those additional layers of waterproofing is good.

Sleeping bag liner 

If you are going camping or your hotel bad is dirty and unsleepable, this sleeping bag liner would come to your rescue. If you have booked a good hotel with international amenities, you might not need this. However, it is advised to carry it in jungles and unexplored destinations.

Water bottles 

If hygiene is something you don’t want to compromise with, carrying a water bottle is crucial. Go for a metal water bottle as it is more hygienic and long-lasting. If you are going for a long trip, carrying an additional water bottle would be good in case you end up losing one.

A handy carry bag 

You don’t want to unlock your main travel bag for things such as passport, other documents, keys and some other important things, do you? A handy carry bag is there to accommodate all those documents and small things such as hairbrushes, comb, hair gel, spray and other things. 


Sometimes, the very low temperature might give you headaches and muscle aches. Also, if you have chronic headaches or muscle or stomach cramps issues, having a box of painkillers would do good. 


How can you not capture that beautiful sightseeing and exclusive museums and galleries and mountains in your camera? That’s what make memories, isn’t it? If you don’t have a camera, buy a high-quality, branded and superior camera with fantastic lenses and auto mode facilities. Don’t forget to carry your camera at any cost and you will regret it. Also, don’t forget to carry your camera charger along with that.

Personal care products 

This category includes products such as hair conditioners, shampoos, beauty lotions, toothbrush, toothpaste, creams, sunscreens, deodorant, spray, towel, moisturizer, gloves, hat, scarf and other things that are for personal care. A male traveller might include shaving kit too. 

 First aid kit 

Don’t forget to carry a first aid kit that can come to rescue when some unwanted accidents happen, especially if you are going for an adventurous trip such as trekking.


If you are planning to attend night clubs or other party spots during the trip, you need to carry some party wear clothes too. You can also buy such clothes at the destination if you don’t want to carry those additional clothes. The choice is yours.

Tour-based accessories

Yes, there are some items that you need to carry with you for the trip you are planning for. For example, if you are going for scuba diving, you need to carry an underwater camera. If you are visiting some haunting places or some training camps, you might need an emergency whistle, flashlight and torch. These tour based accessories vary as per the type of your trip such as adventure trip, a sightseeing trip, beachside trip etc.

Travel guide/ reading materials

If you are visiting a new place, it is advised to have a handy travel guide with you which showcases different sightseeing destinations, best restaurants, malls, streets, visiting destinations and other important information. Along with that, if you love to read while travelling, you can buy some good thriller or self-help books with you to get some great time during leisure. It would be good to have a book partner rather than a bad partner.

Keep this list handy next time when you are packing your travel bag.

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