How to install Bluetooth in PC and connect wireless speakers and earphones to it?

Bluetooth is the most essential wireless connectivity that a computer should have in 2020. Most of the computers that has pre-installed genuine windows has Bluetooth functionality working on the go. In the case where you installed windows by yourself may lead to missing Bluetooth connectivity below in this guide, we will try to help you out with installing Bluetooth in PC. In the later parts we will also detail the method through which you can connect wireless devices like earphones and speakers to your PC.

What is Bluetooth?

Technically Bluetooth is a Personal Area Network (PAN) which is capable to connect multiple Bluetooth enable devices with each other. Usually the range of Bluetooth is up to a distance of 10 meters. Bluetooth may be used to perform various tasks like sending and receiving files, transmitting audio signals, transmission of data etc.

In modern era there are a lot of devices like, Bluetooth speaker, wireless earphones, fitness tracker etc that uses Bluetooth technology pretty well. Bluetooth has various version there is a considerable difference in speed and power usage in each version. Latest version of Bluetooth is version 5.0 which is pretty power-efficient and fast. This was brief introduction to Bluetooth, now let us get back to our main topic whose aim is to install Bluetooth on PC.

Step 1: Check if your PC has Bluetooth hardware.

Of course, Bluetooth needs specific hardware in order to function, the first step is to make sure that your PC has inbuilt Bluetooth radio or not. To check this search for device manager and look for Bluetooth option there. You can also check the Bluetooth connectivity by searching directly in the settings of PC.

If you get Bluetooth listed there then congratulations your PC has Bluetooth connectivity. You should directly jump to step no. 3

If you see a yellow exclamation mark in front of Bluetooth than the Bluetooth drivers are not properly installed on your PC. Double click on the Bluetooth option and select update drivers. Let the windows search automatically for drivers or if It doesn’t work you can get Bluetooth drivers for your device-specific from the site of the original equipment manufacturer.

If Bluetooth is not present in your device then you should head up for the step no. 2 ahead.

Step 2: Installing Bluetooth on Windows PC.

Now that you have made sure that there is not pre-installed Bluetooth radio inside your PC the option you are left is to purchase an external Bluetooth adaptor. Bluetooth adaptor is an external portable device which is capable to send and receive Bluetooth radio signals solely.

You can Google for these external Bluetooth adaptors and purchase these at a price range between 500 – 2000 Rs. You need to insert the Bluetooth adaptor into the USB port of your PC. After inserting the newly purchased Bluetooth adaptor it will most probably prompt to install the required drivers. If it doesn’t prompt to install drivers you need to seraph for the drivers manually.

After installing you need to head over to next step no. 3

Step 3: Connecting Bluetooth device with PC.

Now your PC has a working Bluetooth connectivity, it’s time to connect a Bluetooth device to your PC. In this tutorial let us assume that we are going to connect a Bluetooth speaker to PC. You can get a Bluetooth speaker ranging between 500 to 50000 Rs in India; however, I will suggest you to buy the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 which will be capable to deliver enough music experience.

Put your Bluetooth speaker and put this into pairing mode. On the PC go to settings and select a then click on “devices”. Under the device section choose turn on Bluetooth.

After turning on Bluetooth click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”

On the next screen choose the type of device that you want to pair. After selecting the type of devices, you will see the list of active devices around you. Select the correct device and let the pairing process complete.

That’s it now you have successfully connected a wireless Bluetooth device to your PC and you can connect other Bluetooth devices by following the same procedure.

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