Best destinations to visit in Malaysia

There are only a few countries with a mixture of ancient culture and customs with a pinch of modernity associated with it. Malaysia is a name that falls in the category. If you are looking for a travel location that can fill you with lots of memorable moments and satisfy your cultural and historical appetite with some mesmerising and unexplored destinations and visually appealing and eye-pleasing islands, Malaysia is a place you can consider. 

No matter which type of traveler you are, Malaysia has everything to offer to you from beautiful islands, beaches, quaint towns, heritage monuments and sites, and adventure sports. Whether you are on a romantic vacation with your spouse or with a family, Malaysia will surely not disappoint you by any means. 

If you have make your mind to visit Malaysia in your next trip, this is a list of destinations that you cannot miss at any cost. 

We have divided this blog post into three parts. In the first part, we will discuss some of the islands, in the second part, about best cities and villages and in the third part, best wildlife places. 


Langkawi island 

One of the most visited places in Malaysia, Langkawi island is a cleanest island with blue azure water and sandy beaches. You will instantly fall in love with the island and it will be difficult to leave this island for sure. That’s what visitors say about this place. The LangkawiGeopark is a UNESCO heritage site ana worth a visit. You cannot miss famous Cable car which is famous among kids and adults. Don’t miss it. 

Perhentian island 

It is a group of islands that is located 19 km away from the North East Malaysia and fishing and other marine activities are completely prohibited here. If you are with your family or friends and want to rejuvenate yourself and click some best natural photos with your loved ones, this is a place worth coming. The main attraction on the Perhentianisland is transparent shallow waters which shows beautiful corals. A must visit place to visit when you are in Malaysia. 


There is much more than you have anticipated in Penang. It is located in the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia and worth a visit if you are in Malaysia. It has some beautiful destinations to visit such as Wonderfood Museum, Fort Cornwallis, Reclining Budhha, Burmese temple and Waterfront village. You will surely be astonished by the beauty and nature here with some heritage sites. The Street of Harmony and Rainbow Skywalk are two places that you cannot miss when you are in Penang. This is a tourist destination that is most visited in Malaysia. 

Mount Kinabalu 

If you are looking for some adventure thrill such as hiking, you will be visiting Mount Kinabalu for sure. It is the tallest mountain of Borneo and a visually appealing attraction to visit. The picturesque surroundings and scenery will surely mesmerize you. Most of the adventure sports lovers visit this place in all the seasons of the year and they simply love this. It is located in the West coast division in Sabah and the best place to see is Zip line to see the rush with high velocity. Also, there is no visiting fees to feel and enjoy this magnificent attraction. 

Best cities and villages 


Melaka is a two hour away from Kuala Lumpur and was added in a list of UNESCO heritage site status and every year, millions of visitors across the globe visit this astonishing trading port and a home to heritage sites. The buildings are architecturally rich and it will give you a feel of its erstwhile grandeur. If you love history, you cannot miss a famous Baba and Nyonya heritage museum. You will learn about Malays-Chinese history and their local culture and customs. Also, if you are a foodie, you will love some special local melaka dishes for sure. 


For history and heritage site lovers, this city is will fill their basket of memories full. Most of the tourists visiting Georgetown are history buffs and they simply love the architectural monuments and heritage sites here. Pilgrimage monuments such as KapitanKeling Mosque, Buddha temples and Cheong FattTze Mansion are some of the attractions of George Town. 


This place is solely for rafters who just ate looking for water rafting experience. If you are an adventure sport lover, this is for you. Located just one and half hour from Kuala Lumpur, it has facilities for Grade 3+ rafting activity and there are numerous equipment available for rafters here. Also, apart from rafting, you can also visit the aboriginal village and beautiful and appealing scenic landscape it had to offer. 

Cameron Highlands 

Cameron Highlands is a mos visited tourist spots in Malaysia and has so much to offer to the tourists. It is the hull station with beautiful hills and appealing locations. There is a mixed cultures live here together with harmony and peace and you will see a glimpse of this in its culture and food too. Some of the attractions to see are tea estates, beautiful weather, waterfalls, pretty orchids and strawberry farms. You will have the best time of your life with your loved ones in this hill station. 


A highly popular city of Malaysia, especially among the food lovers, this city has so much to offer when it comes to food. There are delicious local cuisines as well as foreign cuisines with the local flavor of Malaysia will surely satisfy your appetite. The pork rib soup and BakKutTeh are most favourite cuisines to try with. Also, Port Klang is the largest port of the country and has some tourist destinations to visit such as Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery, LamanSeni 7, Snowwalk and Trick Art museum. 

Best wildlife places 

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park 

You will surely lost in dreams if you end up visiting bird parks in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The bird park is divided into four zones. The first two zones, zone 1 and zone 2 are open and birds are free to fly and breed naturally. There is a wide number of birds that will surely give you the best time of your life with curios and satisfying experience. The third zone, Zone 3 is called Hornbill Park and the zone 4 has a number of cages and separate lonely areas for different birds. It is located at KL Bird Park, 920, JalanCenderawasih, Perdana Botanical gardens in the federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Some of the attractions of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park are the egg incubation area, flamingo pond, bird Gallery, and parrots. 

Bako National Park 

This is the oldest national park in Malaysia that is located Sarawak. You will have a large number of animals with seven different rainforest ecosystems. All you need to do is to walk on the adventurous trek on which you will explore different wildlife creatures. A best place to visit in Malaysia. 

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