Tips to design a website SEO friendly

If you don’t rank high on search engine results such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, you are seriously losing a large chunk of genuine leads and conversions. Without a proper and effective search engine optimization strategy, you will not survive in the cut-throat competition in the digital world. However, your website can help you to be in the good book of the search engines and some of the tricks can rank your website high on search engines. 

Here, in this blog, we will discuss some of the tips to make your website SEO friendly. 

Make website URLs simple and user-friendly

Each page must have a unique and different URL so that search engine crawlers can differentiate and identify your website easily. When someone searches for something, with user-friendly URLs, your page will rank higher in search engine results and turn, give you more genuine leads. Guide your website developer about it and ensure that each page has a unique and separate URL to access.

Say no to duplicate content 

As they say, content is the king, is true in all aspects. High-quality, original, engaging and highly readable content is the need of the hour and if you blunder there, there are no changes to rank on the top of results. Your website might be blacklisted by the search engines if you have copied content from other websites. Hire a genuine and experienced content writer and let him produce engaging and powerful content for your web pages. Don’t compromise on the content quality and half the battle is won.

Use SEO for images 

It is not enough to optimize just text available on your website. Make sure that all the images on your website are also optimized properly. It will help your website to rank high when an image search is performed by the user. Take care of the image size and avoid very large images. Also, provide a proper description of the image with relevant keywords. Proper image placement is also very important and decides the website optimization. Using large images will slow down your website and it is not an SEO friendly.

Use JavaScript carefully

When it comes to search engine crawlers, they do crawling by indexing your website and if your whole website is in JavaScript, crawlers will find it very hard to read your website. It might affect your SEO rankings and jeopardize your SEO efforts. In addition to that, JavaScript also tends to not perform well in mobile devices. This will further create issues. Tell the website developer to keep these things in mind and use JavaScript carefully to rank high on search engines.

Create an XML sitemap

The XML sitemap plays a pivotal role in explaining the website structure to search engines during the crawling. Also, it gives a clear indication to Google to prioritise those pages which are relevant and valuable for users when they search for relevant keywords. Always create an XML sitemap for the website to take this advantage.

Responsive website design is mandatory

The millennials use smartphones to access your website and if your website is not responsive for different android and iOS browsers, you are not going to get more genuine leads. Having a responsive website design that loads excellently on all devices is highly crucial. Providing a good and satisfying user experience is very important and failing to do that will invite serious issues. Many wen designing tools can be used to make a mobile-friendly website. Use them and ensure that your website is compatible with all devices.

Go for internal linking 

There are many benefits of providing internal linking in your website if you see from a user’s perspective. If a user is interested in a particular service or segment on the page, internal linking makes it possible and users will have superior time while navigating your website. It will also increase their total time on your website and it might lure them to take measurable actions. 

Keyword stuffing is not good 

So you want to cover almost all keywords tour SEO team has suggested for including LSI keywords. There is not an issue with it. However, when you use more keywords in a single page that looks like a promotional content, the real issue arises. Using more keywords is not a good idea as it will bore tour visitors and they might abandon your website. Keep in mind ideal keyword density and place keywords properly and engagingly. Keyword stuffing strategies will not do any good for your website’s rankings.

Hire an experienced web developer who has years of experience and expertise in creating SEO-friendly websites. He will ensure that your website is highly optimized and rank higher on different search engines. In addition to that, check your website’s loading speed and if it is poor, ensure that it is optimized and taken care of.

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