Top 10 tips for badminton players who are just beginners

Do you want to play badminton regularly? Do you want to be master at the craft and skills for the next state-level badminton tournament? Do you want to develop a hobby playing badminton with your colleagues or friends? Well, badminton is one of the most preferred games among students and professionals as it does not require more players and big grounds. You can play badminton in your courtyard or office terrace too.

However, you need to be good at it as it requires some skills and knowledge to get used to the game. Here is a list of 10 tips for beginners who are just starting playing badminton. 

1. Warm-up 

Badminton is not an idle game like cricket where you don’t have to move now and then. It requires constant moving and running and you need to be fit at it. It requires stamina and agility at the same time and during your warm-up, you need to focus on those areas. You can start with some jog around the ground or do some skipping and get ready. Once your body is warmed up, stretch a bit and let the muscles of shoulders, legs and back prepare for the lunges. You can also go for push-ups or a short sprint if you want to warm your body fully.

2. The badminton grip

When you pick the badminton racket, you need to examine it first and make your grip there. The grip plays an important role in responding to the ball at the right time. If you have small hands, go for a small grip and if you have large hands, go for a large grip. Also, keep a relaxed grip as it will help you to be flexible and fast. Also, keep your wrist flexible as it will help you to play perfect forehand and backend shots. Watch some videos on YouTube and you will get to know about the grip of the racket as well as how to play different shots.

3. Check out the shuttlecock flight 

One of the main and highly crucial things to learn is to examine the shuttlecock when it is in the air. Wobbling shuttlecocks are of poor quality and you should not play with them as you will not be able to judge them properly. Always return or dispose of such shuttles and bring in new shuttlecock to have a professional and proper game. Discuss this thing with your partner and dispose of them off.

4. Central based position is must 

Once you are done with a short while running to your left side or right side, come back immediately to the central position. You need to return to a central position quickly before the opponent returns his shot. If you are in the central position, you would be able to move quickly to your extreme right or extreme left position. If you are standing in the right position, your opponent will strike back in the left position and you will miss the point. Come back to the central position as soon as you finish the shot. 

5. Play badminton in an indoor facility

If you don’t want your shuttlecock whisking here and there due to breeze, it is advised to play the game in the indoor facility. Shuttlecocks are lightweight and the slightest breeze can make it to here and there in the air. Always prefer to play indoors as it will make things smoother and you will be able to enjoy the game and practice those hard shots too. 

6. Be prepared for different shots 

Badminton is an unpredictable game and you don’t know which side your opponent will attack you. It is important to move to your right and left as fast as you can, but don’t stretch yourself too much. It is okay to miss the point if it takes a toll on your body. Know your body’s limits and don’t push yourself too much or you end up sweating and fatigue. In some worse scenarios, you might end up injuring yourself. Play safe and have fun rather than playing vigorously. 

7. Game planning 

If you want to win the game, you need to understand the psyche of the opponent. Play with their minds and try to understand their psychology. Very soon, you will be able to understand which side they will attack and where you should move to get the right shot. Even though you are a beginner, you can play with the opponent’s mind and win the game very easily. Remember, badminton is a psychological game and finding out your opponent’s weakness might earn you some bonus points easily.

8. Cardio helps you to be good at badminton 

If there are no cardio activities and exercises in your fitness regime, you cannot be good at badminton. Your stamina plays a very crucial role in badminton and you need to get involved with some vigorous cardio activities such as running, cross-training, brisk walking or sprinting. Improve your cardio health and also focus on the body’s flexibility and agility to play badminton. Even yoga can help you out as it is all about body flexibility.

9. Use your head while playing 

Badminton is a mind game and you need to keep thinking and planning during the game to get it right. Examine the game of your opponent and try to play with his mind. Initially, you might lose some games understanding all these aspects of mind games, but gradually you will improve your skills. Understand the shots and try to work out the psychology behind those shots. Each shot is played with some technique and purpose and your job is to find out the purpose behind it. Also, keeping a positive attitude is very important to play and win the game. Stay positive and play game proactively to win it. 

10. Cooling down is also important 

As you cool down after resistance training or jogging, here too, you need to cool down after a game. You can jog down a little or go for a brisk walk or you can stretch your muscles after finishing the game. Cooling down will relax your muscle groups and joints and prevent any injuries. 

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