5-Day game plan for improving your local SEO

SEO (Search engine optimization) is an inbound and long term Digital Marketing Strategy. A successful SEO requires a competitive and efficient strategy along with smart planning. If your business is locally operating and there are similar businesses in the market, then you need to hire the best SEO services to wrestle the localized competition.

In such a scenario, you need to hire professionals to level up your Game Plan for improving Local SEO. However, if you are smart, you can carry out the Search Engine Optimization of your website on your own by following a consistent SEO scheme!

What is the Need to Improve Local SEO?

In the case of localized businesses, there’s crowding in the market. Almost,  every business has a website and opt for digital merchandising and local search engine optimization of their business website. That is why you need to keep improving and revising your Local SEO tactics.

Local SEO doesn’t work like, “Hit it Once and Forget”; it needs continuous monitoring and modifications. Even the best SEO services need a few months to produce successful results. So, one needs to be patient and confident with their localized SEO plan.

5-Day Game Plan to Improve your Local SEO

We have prepared an exemplary Game Plan to level up your Local SEO!

Our 5-Day Game Plan will make your local SEO simpler than ever!

All you need is to follow our plan step by step and day wise to acquire the professional SEO services.

Day 1: Analyse Local Competitive Atmosphere

There’s a strong ongoing competition in the digital market for local search visibility. The first and foremost approach of nearly every SEO Company is to perform Local Competition Analysis.

Spend your first day in analyzing the Localized Competition.

What is Localized Competition Analysis?

Fundamentally, the Local Competition Analysis is research over your competitor’s site, his local merchandising and SEO strategies, target audience, success factors, weak points, and other business parameters.

Advantages of Local Competition Analysis

  • It builds the roadmap to the potential visibility of your website upon local intent by providing you the opportunity to discover the areas of your website that need improvement.
  • It enables you to judge who your potential competitor is and against whom you shouldn’t be competing.
  • It gives you an idea about your target audience and competition areas.
  • It exposes your competitor’s weak point and thus providing you an opportunity to work in that specific area to wrestle the competition.
  • You could compare your site with relevant leading sites and evaluate your position.
  • You could learn about your competitors’ successful SEO strategies.

Day 2: Conduct Complete Optimization of Website

In order to improve your Local SEO, the second principal strategy opted by the best SEO services is complete optimization of the website, including both on-page and off-page Optimization along with Optimization of your site’s technical aspects.

On-Page Optimization is concerned with the Google ranking factors, including headlines, Meta links, URLs, Keywords, page structure, and Content. Content Optimization is essential to meet search intent.

Off-Page Optimization, also known as link building, is concerned with your digital presence outside your website; this establishes both authority and authenticity. However, an entire day should be spent on it, so we have scheduled it for Day 3 in our Game Plan.

Technical Aspects’ Optimization:

It is concerned with optimizing every technical aspect of your websites like site speed, site’s Adaptability to multiple devices, coding and design standards, website’s accessible navigation.

Day 3: Plan of Link Building and Networking

Remember, Google considers authority and popularity as ranking parameters. Building relevant links is a fast way to influence organic rankings. If you prefer link’s quantity over quality, then you are going to harm your Local SEO. For quality off-site Optimization, brainstorm ideas to establish networks with relevant websites of High authority.

How to establish Quality backlinks?

  • Guest posting on different blogs and websites
  • Reach out to your business partners, friends, chamber members, etc. and ask for link referrals.
  • Approach bloggers, influencers or sponsors for guest blogging via which you could get a link back to your site
  • Create blogs on local events, stories or news

Day 4: Work on Social Feedback

The genuine reviews of Local users help in building awareness and credibility of local businesses in the market. Honest reviews influence customers while responding to reviews that influence both customers and Google.

Statistically, 88% of the people determine the credibility of a business by reading reviews.

How to get Reviews?

Firstly, go through your data, and compile a list of people who have been your clients or attended your events, add your business associates in that list too.

Then, send them an email or a text message asking for their feedback.

Where to get Reviews?

The more reviews your website has, the better it is for the site’s optimization for local searches.

The best SEO services aim to get Reviews on every forum, including Yelp, Google My Business Account, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc.

Day 5: Track and Monitor the Outcomes of your Local SEO Strategies

Now, finally, it’s time to track and monitor the outcomes of your adopted strategies. Since SEO is a long term strategy and search engine optimization parameters keep changing, therefore, constant monitoring helps you to cope up and modify your strategies to obtain perfect Local SEO.

For this purpose, you could make use of SEO tools like MozCast, Algorro, or any other. These tools analyze every minor to major information and updates regarding your site’s local SEO.

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