Are you making these social media marketing mistakes? Identify and stop

Undoubtedly, you are having an active social media marketing campaign running on and hopefully, it is bringing good results for your brand too. However, sometimes, it is not the case and no matter how hard you try and how carefully you plan and execute your social media strategies, you fail to produce good results. If a social media marketing strategy is right and effective, it will surely skyrocket your revenues and build a solid brand community there. However, on the other hand, if the campaign is not strategically and carefully planned and there are flaws in it, you might not see good results. 

Sometimes, social media managers don’t even know that they are making some mistakes with the plan. It is not cool to see no results when you have invested so much efforts and money on your campaign. 

Here, in this blog, we have discussed some of the mistakes that you might be making with your social media marketing campaign. 

Not having any social media marketing strategy

Yes, it is possible too. There are many brands and businesses that put random stuff on their social media accounts, but don’t have a strategic and tactical social media marketing strategy. This will take you nowhere. Hire a good and experienced social media manager and let him/her take care of your social media marketing. From conducting competitive analysis to research to target audience presence to content selection and posting, he/she will do everything on your behalf. 

Forgetting Personalisation 

You cannot post the same banners and content and images on all social networks. It is not feasible and it will surely not work. You need to understand the psychology of each social media network and its users. You need to choose the right content for each social media network and it is called content personalization. There are social media analytics tools and with data collection methods, your social media marketing team can decide which content to post where. Remember, your target audience will trust you only when you post content that interests them. If you are not posting relevant content for your target audience, they will stop following you after a while. Personalization is very important when it comes to social media marketing. 

Not responding to followers and commenters 

Businesses across the globe are trying hard and spending millions to have a chance to communicate directly with their potential customers and you are not responding to commenters and followers. How can you let it happen? If you fail to answer your followers in the comment section or in a direct message service, it simply means you are not competent enough. You will not get a chance again. Whether it is a complaint or a query or a question, respond to each and every message and comment to let them feel that you care. It might earn you a loyal relationship with the commenter, who knows? Avoiding and neglecting complaints and negative comments might give you temporary relief, but it is not a healthy solution to follow.

Ignoring human touch 

Personal and emotional connections are what drive social media and if you fail to notice it, you are leading to nowhere. People are not interested in robots or those automatic chatbots. They want to interact with real humans and you need to respond in a similar manner. In fact, social media offers brands a unique opportunity to show their human side and this is something that can help you to build and nurture a strong and healthy brand community. Socialize with your followers and respond to their comments to earn their lifelong loyalty. 

Too much brand promotion can harm you 

Do you like the constant hammering of product promotion posts on your Facebook or Instagram wall? Well, no humans would like that and you should too not make such mistake with your brand. There are brands that constantly posting about their brands and products and services and when their users get irritated enough, they will just leave the pages. You need to have a proper strategy when it comes to promotional posts and you should stick to that. You can share other details with some emotional touch such as brand stories, work culture, office activities, how-to guides and blogs.

Not following 80/20 rule 

If you are a social media manager and you don’t follow a famous and highly effective 80/20 promotional rule, you are making a mistake. What is this 80/20 rule? Well, it simply states that 80 per cent of your posts must include industry-related news, expert tips and advice, entertaining content such as memes and videos and articles. Only 20% of posts should include coupons, contests, product updates and services. This is a proven and tested social media marketing strategy that should be followed by the managers, no matter in which domain you belong to.

Content posting without proofread and edit 

You must have seen those social media posts with funny, but wrong English. Yes, though it sounds funny and laughable, generally users don’t take such brands seriously that make such content mistakes. You need to ensure that all your posts are grammatically correct and convey the right message. Hire a professional content writer or a proofreader to avoid such suicidal mistakes. 

Using wrong hashtags 

Hashtags are excellent and bring more users to your posts and ultimately, at your website. Yes, it is true, but if you are using wrong or irrelevant hashtags, you are making a serious mistake here. People generally use hashtags to find posts with common topics and to start a conversation. Also, brands find hashtags important to reach out to influencers and brand advocates. For brands, hashtags help to improve visibility and discoverability. Using irrelevant hashtags might bring you some good visits, but obviously not from your target audience who are interested in your offerings. What would you do with such visits who don’t matter for your business? Never use any incorrect or irrelevant hashtags to just get more traffic on the post. 

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