What you need to know about Coronavirus?

If you are a news freak, you must have heard about Coronavirus, which is spreading at a rapid rate across the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency over a Coronavirus and this, itself, enough to understand the crucial situation we are into. In China itself, the Coronavirus has killed at least 450 people and the outbreak happened in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. 

There are some cases recorded in different parts of the world including Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India and other countries. There are total 20,400 cases have been reported, most of them in China and it is something, a reason to worry as of now. 

In this post, we will discuss almost everything related to Coronavirus including symptoms, risks and causes. Stay tuned! 

What is Coronavirus? 

World Health Organization reports that the Coronavirus is a group of viruses that can affect the respiratory system of the person and cause a wide range of illnesses from common cold to flu to more severe diseases such as SARS and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). 

As per the WHO, Coronavirus were originated from animals and then transferred to the humans, similarly to SARS which was transmitted from civet cats and MERS which was believed to be transferred from camels to humans. Reports also indicate that different Coronavirus are already in animals which have not yet infected humans. 

Corona in Latin means crown and when you examine Coronavirus with the microscope, it looks like a solar Corona. There is a limited knowledge of a new novel Coronavirus has been identified by the Chinese authorities known as nCoV, but it has been confirmed that it transmits from humans to humans. 

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus infection? 

There are different symptoms that you can experience when you are Coronavirus infected. Some of them are common and can be seen in any humans down with flu. For example, common cold, fever, shortness of breath, respiratory system issues and pneumonia and SARS are some of the notable symptoms found in the patients. In severe cases, the patients can have kidney issues and kidney failure too. It might lead to death too. As per the WHO, the incubation period of these viruses is unknown and can vary from 10 to 14 days. 


On January 7, the first case of Corona virus came into notice called nCoV and it was the source of illnesses. In the Wuhan seafood market, the first case was traced that also sold live animals. 

The Wuhan seafood market is known for selling live animals and it is a big hub of selling wildlife animals illegally. The Chinese authorities are trying to determine the exact location of the origin of these viruses. The WHO also reported that the animal source appears the main source for this virus transmitted to humans. Chinese scientists have earlier blamed snakes as the primary source of widespread of Coronavirus. 

How lethal Coronavirus is? 

Though experts believe that Coronavirus is not as dangerous and lethal as SARS or MERS which took almost 700 to 900 lives. However, there are almost 500 casualties already reported in China alone and it is a worrisome thing. China has the maximum numbers of casualties as it is the origin of the Coronavirus. The infection is more widespread than SARS. 

Countries such as Hong Kong, India, Middle East countries, Philippines, Australia, North America, Europe and other countries also have reported Coronavirus patients and the number of cases and casualties might increase in the upcoming days due to absence of any medicines or vaccines. Scientists are working on the vaccine, but it is not possible to have an effective vaccination for mass distribution before 2021. 

China has already sealed the Wuhan from immediate effect and also have stopped flights and other modes of transportation which affects almost 56 million people. 

In addition to that, many countries have banned Chinese nationals to enter in their premises and cancelled all the coming and going flights to China to prevent Coronavirus from epidemic spreading. 

Should I need to see the doctor if I have coughed or fever? 

We can’t say much. However, if you have recently travelled to China or came into physical contact with someone who has just returned from China and you have developed symptoms just after that, you need to see the doctor immediately. If you have a common cold or cough, nothing to worry unless it is persistent and accompanied with other symptoms such as chest pain, breathing difficulty and uneasy and unwell feeling. 

It is advisable to not greet people physically for a time being. Also, wash your hands with a soap or a liquid from time to time in a day. If you are going to a public place, put a mask on and don’t touch animals with bare hands. Control your love for animals for some time as it might contain coronavirus. Also, avoid seafood for some time to just avoid any possibility of getting infected by a coronavirus. Keep these precautions in mind and you don’t need to worry at all.

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