Why include the press release in your brand’s SEO strategy?

If you belong to the digital marketing domain, there are very fewer chances that you never have heard about press releases. Yes, there is a possibility that you might not have used this marketing tool yet, but you must have heard or read about it.

The main issue here is the exposure of so many techniques and tools available for an effective SEO campaign that it becomes very difficult to understand what is right for the strategy and whatnot. Some digital experts also think that press releases are not relevant in 2019, but let me tell you, the number of people claiming this are very few. Most of the digital marketing enthusiasts highly recommend to include press releases in your content marketing strategy for an SEO campaign. 

Let’s discuss why you need to include press releases in your brand’s SEO strategy. 

It gets you instant exposure 

If you are an entrepreneur or a medium business owner with almost no money to spend on traditional as well as digital paid campaigns, you are left with limited options to reach out to your target audience. The press release is a powerful marketing tool to use to create awareness about your business and offerings to the public and you don’t need to empty your pockets for that. It is a cost-effective and yet very powerful tool to make an impact.

All you need to do is to hire a team of best content writers who can come up with an unparalleled press release copy that can be distributed to different press release publications. By posting press releases on different blogging and media platforms, you will be able to build trust and an authoritative voice amongst the business community and your potential buyers. They will get a new reason to visit your store and it will automatically improve your visits, leads and ultimately profits. 

It has the potential to boost sales

Press releases are all about notifying your target audience about your new offers, new achievements, new product features, a new partnership deal, technological developments and a product or service launch. 

When you put a press release in a public domain, it will instantly become the talk of the town and stay in the limelight for at least some time. You will get enough media coverage as journalists would pick up your story and distribute and share it on their platforms. It will surely boost your revenues and profits to some extent by getting more genuine and authentic leads to your website.

Boost the performance of your content marketing plan

Yes, 71% of all B2B marketers indeed depend on content marketing efforts to generate more leads for businesses, but the matter of the fact is that no marketer is using all the content marketing tools to generate traffic. The press release is a powerful and exceptional tool to gain public attention and that too genuine. You can have a best yet cost-effective tool at your disposal that you haven’t used yet. Use it now and take the performance of your content marketing plan to the next level.

Establish as an industry expert 

Credibility is one of the most effective virtues that are equally difficult to earn. A carefully curated press release will give you a chance to showcase your credibility as a business owner to the world and it will surely bring more benefits in terms of trust and revenues to your table.

It also brings more traffic to your website 

Most of the website leads come from blogs and articles or other types of content and they look for unique insight or stories to get more information on a specific topic and press releases are a great way to tell stories that you want to hear. You can include your blog or website link appropriately to get more visibility and leads there. You can also use keywords, headlines, graphics, and videos to bring more customers to your website.

It boosts your SEO efforts too 

If your SEO strategy is highly aimed to get backlinks from genuine and high authority websites, this goal can be fulfilled by including press releases in your content marketing plan. You can optimize your press release copy and improve its visibility online and get backlinks from genuine buyers and potential users. Make sure that the content of the press release is highly readable, original, engaging and offers valuable information about your business and offerings.

It offers an opportunity to distribute your content 

You have plenty of mediums to reach out to your target audience, but you are not using all of them. Why? With a press release, you can get more exposure in media and other channels such as radio or news if your story is highly exclusive and unique.

It will not just bring more customers to your website, it might help you to build a reputation in the market and build credibility.

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