10 best classic thriller movies to watch before you die

People may have their perceptions and personal likings when it comes to movies. Some might like drama movies, some might like sci-fi and some might like romance or comedy. However, across the globe, if you conduct research, one film genre that will surely dominate all other genres is thriller and suspense. Those Goosebumps while watching a classic mystery or a thriller is something beyond explanations. Gripping and lingering thriller movies are best to spend your time with and when you have a list of best thriller movies of all times, you are going to have the best time of your life. 

We have hand-picked 10 best thriller movies of all times that are binge-watching. This list has pulse-pounding thrillers which are enough to make you feel live and on the edge of your sofa.

Stay tuned and brace yourself. 

1. Rear Window 

When it comes to thriller films, one name that instantly occupies your mind is the king of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most celebrated thriller filmmakers of all times. Rear Window was released in 1954 and still makes in a list of best thrillers of all times. Featuring Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr, this film is a rare gem which will turn you into a nail-biter. A protagonist of the film looks at something that he should not have and then starts a rollercoaster ride of suspense, fear and gripping secret. A must watch movie before someone reveals the secret. 

2. Cape Fear 

Martin Scorsese is one of the most brilliant filmmakers of all times known for its unconventional stories and beautiful yet nonlinear treatments. Cape Fear, a remake of the 1962 film with the same name, has a gripping edited storyline with finest performances of actors including Robert De Niro. It is a simple revenge tale with an amusing and disturbing end, makes viewers uneasy and petrified. It is a rare occasion when a remake is better than the original and Cape Fear comes in that category. Watch it now and you will surely be mesmerized with the treatment, performances and cinematography. 

3. The Sixth Sense 

An Oscar-winning film is a perfect mystery that will surely blow your mind at the end. An eight years boy can see dead people and can talk with them and a police officer helps him to cope with the situation. One of the best performances of Bruce Willis who is magnificent in the movie along with Haley Joel Osment, the film is just one-time watch as the secret is so powerful that you will not see this movie again. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, this film is a deserving entry in the best thriller movies of all times. 

4. North by Northwest 

What happens when you are perceived as someone that you don’t and hunt by the cop? That’s what happens with a New York ad executive which is mistaken for a government agent and is pursued by the real spy. Again a masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock, this film has all the elements that you will find in a classic thriller movie. Some of the action sequences had a sign of Alfred Hitchcock that proves why he is the best thriller director of all times.

5. Manchurian Candidate 

It is another gem to watch that has all the ingredients of a thriller movie. Featuring Frank Sinatra, the movie was an official adaptation of the novel and it carefully and excellently captures the real essence of the novel. A son of an influential right-wing family becomes an assassin in a communal conspiracy, this film takes you to a fine ride of politics, power, fear and betrayal. A must watch if you have not seen it yet. 

6. Seven 

David Fincher is a household name now after the social network and a girl with the dragon tattoo, but Seven is still considered as the finest movies of Fincher by the movie enthusiasts across the globe. It is a gritty film with a gripping storyline and enchanting performances, especially by Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt. The storyline is simple: two detectives are chasing a serial killer, but the treatment of the movie and the script is so powerful that it makes viewers hold their seats tightly. 

7. L.A. Confidential 

When it comes to crime novels, James Elroy is a name that must be taken. His classic novel L.A. Confidential was adapted into a movie and what a masterpiece was created by Curtis Hanson! A neo-noir film that touches the cords of Hollywood scandals and police corruption, the film depicts real crime-solving techniques and how police officers investigate real crimes. Some notable performances of Kevin Spacey and Russell Crowe were truly brilliant and mesmerizing. 

8. Marathon Man 

Released in 1976 and directed by John Schlesinger, Marathon Man is one of the most underrated thriller movies of all times, but when you start watching it, the film will lure you from the first frame of it. A political thriller with a gripping and tight script and phenomenon performance of Dustin Hoffman, the film is gripping and phenomenal. The famous torture scene depicted in the movie is a reference point for many movies that were released after that. A famous quote of the film “Is it safe?” is enough to shiver you right down your spine.

9. Vertigo 

Any thriller movie list cannot be completed without at least three movies from Alfred Hitchcock and this is our third film from a notable and great director of thrillers. Vertigo was released in 1958 and features Hitchcock’s favourite actor Jimmy Stewart. The interesting fact about the film is that upon release, the film did not do well and even critics were not happy with the film and its treatment. However, with time, people started adoring the film and its gripping storyline and today, the film is considered as one of the best thrillers of all times. 

10. Argo 

Well, this is a twenty-first-century movie directed by Ben Affleck and is inspired by a real-life incident. It depicts the daring rescue of fellow Americans from Iran, the film is mind-blowing and tense.

The director’s enchanting treatment and some excellent scenes written tightly are sheer treat to watch. This film won several accolades at festivals for its superior cinematography and noteworthy performances.

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